Patient Centric Hospital Discharge


Patients undergo certain routines and these can only be sustained through a much-formalized standard operative procedure where possible. The discharge process in a hospital basically starts upon admission. It is essential for patients, caregivers, caretakers and follow up physicians as well how the discharge process is handled. Oftentimes patients leave the hospital without a physician discharge letter, without thorough education on how to take which pills and why, with no advice whether a car can be operated, without an idea on how to follow up with their GP or they feel stranded because nobody came to pick them up.


Patient centric discharge management means to put the patient in the center of all things hospital and provide a smooth transition process that covers both, economic interests on the side of the hospital as well as sustainable care quality for the patient as a facilitation.

Actual Challenge

The Challenge is to develop a system that covers a real life need of patients (or their care-takers) taking into account their needs, wishes, fears and overall medical conditions upon discharge from the hospital. It helps them not to get lost in the medical system and makes it easier on the physicians to follow their medical and legal routine facing the increasing numbers of patients they have to deal with.


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