First Aid Smartphone Application


First-Aid emergency situations are exceptionally stressful for most non-medically trained persons. On the other hand it is extremely important for the first-aider to follow precise and structured steps in order to give the highest possible chance of survival for the patient.


A whole new range of smartphone-based lifesaving technology is on the verge of entering the market. Through this technology we have the unique chance to boost the first-aid capabilities of the average non-medically trained user with the help of the smartphone.

Actual Challenge

The challenge is to leverage those capabilities that already come built-in with a state of the art smartphone in order to provide best possible support for the first-aider in case of an emergency. More precisely this aims at automatically generating all the necessary data to effectively call an ambulance and giving the paramedic all the information he needs in order to best prepare. Furthermore it is essential to give guidance and support to the first-aider in following the chain of survival until the ambulance arrives. An exceptionally well-thought-out concept would start with preemptive measures even before the accident.


Challenge Owner: Lars Wassermann

Team Captain: Lars Wassermann