Michael Kracht

Michael works as business consultant at the Leverkusen office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cologne (IHK). There he advises and supports companies, freelancers and startups in all stages and challenges like seed-phase, growth, leadership, crisis or company succession.

Matthias Härchen

Mathias is Deputy Director and Head of Business Support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
of Cologne (IHK). After finishing his banking apprenticeship he studied the law. As a professional jurist
at the IHK, he advises and supports companies, freelancers and startups in all stages and challenges
like seed-phase, growth, leadership, crisis or company succession. In short terms: consultant – coach
– counselor.

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Kamil Barbarski

2079457Hi, my name is Kamil. I’m an entrepreneur, business designer and educator in the field of Lean Startup and Corporate Entrepreneurship. As the co-founder of MAK3it I connect startups and large organizations to build business models that solve real problems. My work includes workhops, coaching and speeches at established companies (e.g. Telekom, EnBW) , universities (e.g. University Tübingen Medical Department, RWTH Aachen) and startup hubs (e.g. Startplatz) as well as supporting the startup community by organizing the Lean Startup Cologne Meetup and beeing a mentor, speaker and co-organizer at Startup Weekend and Rheinland Pitch.

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Prof. Dr. Hans-Willi Schroiff


Hans-Willi is the CEO and founder of MindChainge. He accounts for the conceptual thinking behind the approaches and the tools needed to run them. After more than 25 years in the fmcg business as global head of market research for Henkel, he decided to completely devote his work to what counts in business – innovation and branding.

Hans-Willi is a seasoned academic with a regular assignment at RWTH Aachen and temporary teaching at Top 10 US Business Schools.

Dr. Tobias Daniel Gantner, MD, MBA, LL. M.

tobiasgantner_hcfsHealth Care Futurists

Dr. Tobias Daniel Gantner, MD, MBA, LL. M. studied medicine, philosophy, economics and law in Germany, Switzerland, the PR of China and the USA. After his residency in transplant surgery, he worked with Siemens on international consulting mandates. His next positions included Novartis pharma strategy and head of health economics and outcomes research. At Bayer Healthcare, he built the department of Market Access from scratch. He is founder and CEO of the “HealthCare Futurists GmbH”, an international network and think tank from experts of diverse disciplines with a focus on medicine, health-care and life sciences. His interest goes out to disruptive innovations in the health-care system in systemic, political and technologic aspects and the change of business models rooted in it. He leads the „In-Algorithmo Diagnostics Group“, that is dealing with topics in predictive health-care rooted in big data and the inherent change of business models in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the revised approach towards patients and clients. Currently he is operating as Director Health Economics & Market Access at Janssen-Cilag. Tobias Gantner holds a number of teaching appointments in the fields of health-care management, management strategy, decision-theory, market access and Innovation in health-care. He is speaker in topics related to the future in health-care, medicine and life sciences. He is the at the core circle of the innovate.healthcare team and acts as moderator of the venue. Consult him for a transdisciplinary reality check of your challenge solution.

Günter Huhle, MD, PhD, MSc

Guenther_HuhleJanssen, the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Since July 2011 Guenter Huhle is leading the Business Development organization at Janssen – Johnson & Johnson in EMEA – Europe Middle East and Africa incl. Russia and CIS.

Günter Huhle received his MD and PhD from the University of Heidelberg and his Master of Science from the University of Witten/Herdecke. He is board accredited in Internal Medicine and Haemostaseology and owns a Professorship at the University of Heidelberg.
Since he moved into the pharmaceutical Industry in 2001, Günter Huhle has held various national, regional and global Leadership positions in R&D, Medical and the Business, first at Eli Lilly and then at Merck KGaA until joining Janssen and Johnson & Johnson in 2007.
Guenter is experienced in Business modeling, Licensing, Merger & Acquisitions, Science, Medical and Market access in Healthcare and privately supports start-up businesses as investor and entrepreneur.

He is married and has two sons.

First Aid Smartphone Application


First-Aid emergency situations are exceptionally stressful for most non-medically trained persons. On the other hand it is extremely important for the first-aider to follow precise and structured steps in order to give the highest possible chance of survival for the patient.


A whole new range of smartphone-based lifesaving technology is on the verge of entering the market. Through this technology we have the unique chance to boost the first-aid capabilities of the average non-medically trained user with the help of the smartphone.

Actual Challenge

The challenge is to leverage those capabilities that already come built-in with a state of the art smartphone in order to provide best possible support for the first-aider in case of an emergency. More precisely this aims at automatically generating all the necessary data to effectively call an ambulance and giving the paramedic all the information he needs in order to best prepare. Furthermore it is essential to give guidance and support to the first-aider in following the chain of survival until the ambulance arrives. An exceptionally well-thought-out concept would start with preemptive measures even before the accident.


Challenge Owner: Lars Wassermann

Team Captain: Lars Wassermann